First Piece of Advice – Speak Up!

Why is speaking up so important? This is your session – and the experience all yours. Your therapist wants you to enjoy every minute and benefit as much as possible from the time you spend with them. If you would like anything changed – the pressure, areas worked, position, temperature, music, etc… speak up! You will not hurt your therapists’ feelings by asking for something that will make you feel more comfortable.

Yes, our therapist will provide a massage table for your appointment, or use yours if you already own one.

In general, there are only a few conditions that would prevent you from getting a massage.

Of course, do not schedule an appointment if you are feeling unwell, have a fever, cold, or a skin condition that is contagious.

The first trimester of pregnancy is generally considered off-limits for massage, as are active chemotherapy or other intensive medical treatments.

If you have a serious medical condition and you are unsure if a massage would be safe for you, massage therapists will recommend that you speak with your primary care provider to get approval first.

Prep the massage area in order to create space for the massage table and for your therapist to walk around it comfortably. Clear an area about 2 by 3m (6 by 10 feet).

Your massage therapist will bring all the linen needed for the massage, but if you feel more comfortable we can use your own linen (2 bed sheets and 2 hand towels).

If you have pets, you may wish to put them in another room prior to the arrival of your therapist.

Feel free to light your own favorite candles or set up your favorite music if you prefer. I look forward to bringing massage therapy to you and your home

You may undress to your level of comfort. Many people prefer to keep their underwear on during a massage, while others choose to be nude.

Your massage therapist will leave the room so you can undress and lie on the massage table under a top sheet.

Regardless if you choose to maintain some clothing or not, your massage therapist will always ensure that you are always properly covered.

Not at all. You are welcome to give feedback, ask questions or make conversation but feel free to close your eyes, breathe deeply, and relax.

It is very common for guests to fall asleep during their massage. If you snore or drool, don’t worry, your massage therapist has definitely seen this before and will not judge. We love seeing you so relaxed!

Sometimes it happens. Yet many men avoid massage for fear this will happen to them. Or, they choose to receive the massage but are unable to completely relax out of fear. But there is no reason to be embarrassed. Sometimes men can get an erection during a non-sexual, therapeutic, full-body massage. Touch administered to any part of the body can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which can result in a partial or complete erection.

An educated, professional massage therapist understands this, and it should not be an issue for him or her. If you are still concerned, consider wearing more fitted underwear, which provides more support and coverage than traditional boxer shorts.

NOTE: If the therapist feels the session has turned sexual for any guest, they may stop the session to clarify the client’s intent and may decide to stop the session immediately. In no circumstance will sexual advances be tolerated in the treatment room.

Rest assured, massage therapists have seen and felt it all! Please do not feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Your massage therapist is focused on creating a relaxing and therapeutic experience for you, and you cannot relax if you are anxious about your body’s appearance.

In as little as an hour - book for start times as early as 08:00 (8 am) and as late as 19:00 (7 pm), 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Or book up to 30 days in advance. 

Currently we are unable to offer this service, but will look into it in the near future.

For a back-to-back massage, our therapist will perform two or more massages, one after the other. Simply book two or more slots, one after the other when ordering. 

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