We Offer Relaxing Massages

We are dedicated to the idea of switching from a busy and active lifestyle into a peaceful mind setting.

Relax, recover, and unwind with a spa-quality massage from the comfort of your home, hotel or “AL” (Local Accommodation).

The For’rest Massage

A de-stress full body massage in a forest atmosphere with a pleasant smell of eucalyptus and more.

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The Rolling Stones

Hot stone relaxing but therapeutical full body massage to relieve deep muscle tension.

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The Clear-Headed

Head, neck and shoulders, pamper yourself with a therapeutical and relaxing massage.

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Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to the idea of switching from a busy and active lifestyle into a peaceful mind-setting. Being holidays the perfect moment to turn off and tune out we aim to provide you with a relaxing experience without having to get into traffic and travelling to unknown places, we bring relaxation to you.

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    Massage Benefits

    Relief Stress

    Reduces mental and physical stress and encourages muscular relaxation by breaking up lactic acid.

    Enhances Quality of Sleep

    Releases Delta Waves in the brain which can help induce a better night's sleep.

    Pain Relief

    Decreases stiffness and pain in your body by relaxing and relieving knots and tighter points in your muscles.

    Reduce Inflammation

    Enhances blood flow to the joints, improving movement, flexibility and reducing arthritis pain.

    Boost Immunity ​

    Decreases the level of cortisol (stress hormone) which in long term can take a toll on the Immune System 

    Improves Circulation

    Increases vasodilation, raising blood flow and improving cardiovascular heath. 

    A in-home massage offers all the benefits of a SPA experience with none of the travel,
    waiting, or logistics.

    How it Works


    Book an on-demand massage at home, in your hotel room, or at your office, from our website.


    Prepare the massage area in order to create space for the massage table and for your therapist to walk around it comfortably. 


    Our therapist will arrive with a massage table and all the linen and accessories needed for the massage. Relax and enjoy.

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